Microplane 8" raspiterä V-muoto

Microplane 8" Snap-in Coarse angle blade

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Prepare to enjoy carving with versatile Microplane Snap-Ins which feature replaceable and reversible blades that may be turned for use on the pull or push of a stroke. Available in Coarse and Fine.
Product Details

  • Reversible for push or pull direction and features replaceable blades.

  • Easy snap-on and snap-off process to save time and space in your workshop.

  • Made to fit 8" inch Snap In Handle.

  • Blades made from high quality hardened stainless steel for long lasting use.

  • Blade Replacements available in Flat, Round, and Angle, either Fine or Coarse.

  • Handles made of glass-filled nylon for added stability.

  • Materials: Blade made of 400 series stainless steel.

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